LXI Problem Details Schema

The LXI Problem Details schema provides detailed explanation from the device regarding HTTP operations that do not have an implicit response. Further detail could be an explanation of error conditions, or other device status regarding the invoked method.

If the HTTP response is OK (200), the LXIProblemDetails response is not required.

For some use cases, such as determining authentication requirements, it may be appropriate for a client to intentionally generate an HTTP error then use this structure and the response headers to determine the requirements to access the designated resource.

In such cases, the information in this element may be redundant with information also available from response headers.

RULE: Devices shall return the LXIProblemDetails when the LXI API generates 40X errors.

This schema specifies the XML namespace:

http://lxistandard.org/schemas/LXIProblemDetails/1.0, version: 1.0
Editorial date: September 28, 2023


The LXI ProblemDetails element contains the details related to an HTTP error.

The LXIProblemDetails complex type has no attributes


The following must occur in this order:

Titlexs:string Required

High level description of the method result, consistent with the HTTP status code returned.

RULE: Title shall be included.

Detailxs:string Optional

Detail regarding the specific method status, for instance, the nature of a syntactic error.

Instancexs:string Optional

Detail specific to the issue.

For instance, for a syntax error this could contain details used to isolate and correct the problem, such as the line number or specific reference to a flawed syntactic element.