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Editorial update to the LXI Standard v1.6

09 May 2024 - LXI Admin

On January 29th, 2024 the LXI Board of Directors approves the release on the LXI 1.6 - 2023 Standard. We are announcing today that the xml schemas and examples are ready.

The following documents and artifacts were updated in this update:

  • API Extended Function v1.1 - May 10th, 2024
  • LXI Standard GitHub Repo
  • LXI Standard Public Info website (

All LXI Members,

In January 2024, we released version 1.6 of the LXI Standard. At that time, we mentioned that additional work was needed to ensure the XML schemas and examples defined in the LXI API Extended Function were properly hosted on GitHub. I’m pleased to inform you that the LXI Public Informational Website now features the corrected schemas and examples. You can access them here: LXI API Schemas. Additionally, the examples and schemas are available in the LXI GitHub repository: LXI GitHub Repo.

If you lack access to the LXI GitHub Repository, please send me an email containing the names and email addresses of those who require access.

The following changes have been made:

  1. In the API Extended Function all namespaces have been changed from “…/” or “…/” to just “…/” for consistency and future proofing
  2. All schemas and examples have been updated to reflect the changes in item1 plus the schema locations in the examples all match the namespace of the schema file (xsd)
  3. An observation has been added to section that says the “schemalocation” attribute in the examples can be relative or absolute.

The aim of this email is to notify the LXI Membership of this minor/editorial change to LXI version 1.6 API Extended Function. If anyone has any objections, kindly respond to me by May 31st. Our intention is to complete all LXI specification work before the upcoming LXI Virtual Face-to-face meeting scheduled for June 4th through 6th. This change will affect the current Reference Design and Kerberos Testing device. New updates will be available shortly.

Thank you for your continued support!

John Ryland LXI Technical Committee Chair Email: