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LXI 1.4 Specifications

This is the LXI 1.4 version of the specifications. Since this preceded the LXI API, it includes the XSD schema for the identification XML.

The 1.4 version was passed on April 18, 2012 and superseded by LXI 1.5 Nov 7, 2016.

LXI Device Specification1.42011-05-18-pdf
LXI Documentation Overview1.02012-04-18-pdf
LXI HiSLIP Extended Function1.012011-10-20-pdf
LXI HiSLIP Extended Function Test Procedures1.012011-10-20-pdf
LXI IEEE 1588 Profile1.02008-12-01-pdf
LXI IPv6 Extended Function1.02012-03-14-pdf
LXI IPv6 Extended Function Test Procedures1.02012-02-20-pdf
LXI Interpretations and Clarifications1.02014-06-25-pdf
LXI Operating Procedures1.912011-05-18-pdf
LXI Spec Differences1.62022-06-19-pdf
LXI Spec Differences1.62023-10-31-pdf
LXI System Tests for LXI Devices implementing IEEE1588 20081.262009-01-29-pdf
LXI Trademark Patent Licensing1.02016-08-31-pdf
LXI Wired Trigger Bus Cable and Terminator Specifications2.02011-05-18-pdf