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LXI Common Configuration Schema

The LXI Common Configuration XML schema is specified by the LXI Consortium as part of the LXI Security Extended Function.

LXICommonConfiguration contains settings related to the device secure configuration. This includes the configuration of the network interface, configuration of various network protocols and client authentication information.

This schema is used to:

  • Configure the security settings of a device
  • Interrogate a device to determine its security settings
  • Interrogate a device to determine its security capabilities

The following examples are provided:

LXICommonConfigurationExample.xmlCommon Configuration Basic example with UnsecureMode as false
HashedPasswordExample.xmlAdded a couple of passwords to the basic example
LXICommonConfigurationExampleWithUnsecureModeEnabled.xmlTelnet and SCPIRaw enabled so UnsecureMode is enabled