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Draft LXI 1.6 Specifications

This is the DRAFT LXI 1.6 version of the specifications. For information on how LXI documents are organized see:

LXI Specifications

LXI 1.6 adds network security features, and an LXI REST API which is used to manage the device security settings. The LXI REST API may also be extended for other applications in future LXI versions.

LXI 1.6 also has various editorial updates, including an update to the LXI identification schema. This new schema is in a simplified XSD style, but validates all known LXI Identification XML files that were based on the previous schema.

For additional details on differences, see the Guide to the LXI Documentation and revision tables in the individual specifications.

In the table below are two documents:

  • Differences between LXI 1.5 and LXI 1.6 - 2022
  • Differences between LXI 1.6 - 2022 and LXI 1.6 - 2023
Guide to LXI Documentation1.62022-05-26docxpdf
LXI API Extended Function1.12023-10-20docxpdf
LXI Clock Synchronization Extended Function1.12022-05-10docxpdf
LXI Device Specification1.6.12023-08-10docxpdf
LXI Event Log Extended Function1.02022-05-10docxpdf
LXI Event Messaging Extended Function1.12022-05-10docxpdf
LXI Example and Reference Material1.22023-06-12docxpdf
LXI HiSLIP Extended Function1.42023-10-20docxpdf
LXI IEEE 1588 Profile1.02008-12-01docxpdf
LXI IPv6 Extended Function2.12023-08-17docxpdf
LXI Interpretations and Clarifications for LXI Standard1.6.12023-06-12docxpdf
LXI Security Extended Function1.12023-01-26docxpdf
LXI Spec Differences1.62022-06-31-pdf
LXI Spec Differences1.62023-10-31-pdf
LXI TestProcedures DRAFT1.62023-10-20-pdf
LXI Timestamped Data Extended Function1.02022-05-10docxpdf
LXI Trigger Bus Cable Terminator Specification1.12006-08-28-pdf
LXI VXI-11 Discovery and Identification Extended Function1.12023-06-26docxpdf
LXI Wired Trigger Bus Extended Function1.12022-05-10docxpdf